Low Carbon Transport

Low carbon transport is the space race for today. Mobility, for people and goods, is going through unprecedented changes with the convergence of the sharing economy, autonomous vehicles and zero emission drivetrains meaning that transport in the future could be unrecognisable today.

The future of transport is low emission

DCA has helped businesses transition to this new reality. Whether it is exploring hydrogen power for vans, incentivising staff to choose more responsible travel, working out if electric vehicles are for you or complying with ever stricter regulations around urban pollution, DCA can help.

Low Carbon Transport

With 21% of UK CO2 emissions derived from transport it is encouraging to see mobility going through unprecedented changes at the moment. No longer is it necessary to be a large fleet operator to be able to take advantage of change. Companies from all industries can seize this opportunity to become leaders in low carbon transport. Low carbon transport is now frequently better both financially and operationally, as well as offering social and environmental benefits. DCA has shared its unparalleled experience in low carbon transport with companies to help them identify opportunities where electric or hydrogen vehicles can help them become more successful.


The staff at DCA have been at the cutting edge of many new developments, not least in the automotive world. Much of this has been collaborative, working with both major multinational automotive giants and small niche vehicle manufacturers to take the latest innovation to market and commercialisation. Much of it has also been supported by public finance. Particularly, DCA has participated in a number of Innovate UK funded projects in fields ranging from the hydrogen economy to last mile deliveries, from business models to technology trials, and has been successful in helping innovative companies gain between £100k and £1.2m in funding per project for their own developments.


All new developments must be proven before they gain wide acceptance. For many companies, this proof is often expensive to acquire as it is hard to find, difficult to manage and often imposes challenges that increase complexity and cost. DCA operates differently. Using expertise developed working with both academic institutions and certification bodies, DCA has developed a methodology that uses solid research techniques in an efficient and practical manner to prove new developments. Results are of the standard to appear in peer-reviewed journals and are simultaneously able to be seen in the flesh, operating on real roads. This combination enables DCA to help companies take cutting edge products to market quickly and efficiently.